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I Want to inspire you, motivate you, teach you something cool, & Spark a Conversation!

Creative office deskJeenieJolie is a bilingual (English-Spanish,) online platform filled with a  mix of curated positive news, classes, handmade products & Jennyfer Moreno Shek’s lifestyle.

JeenieJolie’s was created to motivate its readers to a positive, self-fulfilling & healthy lifestyle while sparking their creativity and sense of style through JeenieJolie’s articles, classes & products.

Think of JeenieJolie as this new cozy place where you can find interesting news, recipes, tutorials, crafts and so much more! … from home remedies to recipes,  to business tips, to parenthood, to fun classes you can apply to your life, your career, or your business, JeenieJolie is committed to entertaining you, inspire you, and help you create the best version of yourself possible!

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Read the Good News!

We are bombarded with Bad News every day, JeenieJolie brings GOOD news to balance the amount of negativity found in everyday media. 

By no means, JeenieJolie’s Good News Segment was created to demean other types of news… after all, we are surrounded by both good and less than good things. The goal, however, is to emphasize on the beauty of hearts we can still find around us. 

Feel Inspired

By the short tutorials, articles, recipes, videos, vlogs .. feel inspire to try something new, to improve something you already knew or to share what you already know!


Learn Something Cool

Coming at you, a catalog where you’ll find classes that you can apply to your life, your career or your business while having a support system to lead the way!


Looking for something cute, different, & eclectic? Wanting to give a twist to your style with a uniquely hand-made accessory or two? Check out the JeenieJolie Store; everything is made with luv 🙂

I ‘m Jennyfer Moreno Shek, the face & brains behind JeenieJolie.com I’m a happy mother of 7, a Bilingual Branding & Office Support Specialist, an avid Crafter, a Jeweler, & the kitchen is my lab!

Originally, JeenieJolie was designed to be a DIY blog… but as I started developing and structuring it, I realized how much more I wanted to share! I’m not quite sure that I can just share one of my passions, my journey is filled with so much more! 

In my ten productive years of running my online business, I’ve been able to enjoy my children,  to create, & learn so much from people I interact, and from the work I do. WSo with my crafts, classes, & articles, I want to inspire you, motivate you, teach you something cool, & Spark a Conversation!

I hope you enjoy JeenieJolie as much as I like sharing it with you. Every story shared, every article and class written on this platform ( as you can imagine not all the content came from this creative genius 😀 ) has been published with the intention to create a positive impact on you! So